About Us:
Headquartered on a sailboat in the San Francisco Bay (37.913411, -122.352184) we are working to create innovative surface designs for a wide range of products  from housewares to fashion.

We believe in the power of design on any scale. Collaborating with a number of like-minded companies to produce beautiful, timeless products, our designs seamlessly integrate in to your every-day life.

Taravana SM.jpg

Who We Are:

Bryn E Namavari, Design Director
Michele E.R. Fredericks, Creative Consultant
Jeff Younger, Creative Consultant

Become a Design Partner:

If you are interested in licensing opportunities, collaborating on a design or a collection, please contact b.e.namavari@namavari.com for more information.

Support Our Cause:

We are committed to the belief that design has the power to impact communities and people’s every-day lives. To that end, we are supporters of the Open Architecture Collective. To find out more about their work in your area and how you can contribute, please visit: http://www.openarchcollab.org






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